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Photo of a car crash scene.Drive sober: End the 100 deadliest days safely

Aug. 17

We’re all in the same boat right now: The kids just got out of school, we blinked, and now summer’s almost over. How did that happen? Fortunately there’s time to squeeze in a few last drops of fun before the weather turns chilly – just make sure you do so safely, especially when it comes to driving. After all, more drunk-driving-related deaths happen over the summer months than at any other time. From 2011-2015, for example, there were 150 deaths from June through August, compared to 84 from December through February. And there are more DWI arrests per hour over the Labor Day...


Photo of a school bus with lights flashing and stop arm extended.Stop for school buses because it’s the right thing to do

Aug. 14

As a motorist, getting stuck behind a school bus can be annoying. There you are, stopping every block or two, waiting as kids and teens get on or off the bus. Here, a mom leans in the door to speak to the driver. There, a little girl runs back on to retrieve a forgotten mitten. It’s easy to get impatient. And although you’re probably like most people, who know that their inconvenience is less important than schoolchildren’s safety, not everyone thinks that way. Which is why there are laws in Minnesota in place that penalize drivers who don’t practice good school bus safety...


Photo of the Lowry Bridge in Minneapolis.What lies under your yard…and what to do about it

Aug. 10

We get it: You’re not an excavator, but sometimes you play one on TV. Or rather, sometimes you dig holes in your yard to plant trees or shrubs or install mailboxes or swing sets or any number of things. And even though Minnesota state law requires anyone doing any sort of excavation (yes, even to carve out a new little garden in the corner of the lawn over there) to give notice before they dig, wouldn’t you want to do it anyway? Calling before you dig can help you avoid fines, but more importantly, you can prevent accidents, explosions, injury and even death...


Trooper Kyle Goodwin and K-9 Keno demonstrate a narcotics search on the exterior of a vehicle.Dog days: New State Patrol K-9 units are on the job

Aug. 7

Meet King, Keno and Remi. They’re dedicated Minnesota State Troopers, having completed a grueling 15-week training course. They love their jobs and are committed to their work of helping get drugs off the streets. They’re dependable, passionate, and work well with their fellow troopers. Oh, and they’re dogs. The three newest additions to the State Patrol’s K-9 unit bring the total up to 16, stationed around the state. Fifteen of them are trained to detect the odors of various narcotics (they helped seize 1,150 pounds of marijuana alone in the first six months of 2017)...


A firefighter and another woman inspect the lint screen of a clothes dryer.Role reversal: Fire prevention and your parents

Aug. 3

Let’s face it: We’re not getting any younger, and neither are our parents. And as your parents age, you might be finding your roles reversing a bit: Where once Mom doled out your allowance, you are now helping make financial decisions for her. Maybe Dad bandaged your skinned knees when you fell off your bike, but now you accompany him to the doctor. It’s important that one of those role reversals doesn’t fall through the cracks: fire safety and prevention. The numbers show that adults over age 60 are a demographic particularly vulnerable to fires...