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Before they get behind that wheel, show them this one.

​Imagine your teen driving alone during the day without any distractions. Safe, right? Now imagine your teen picks up a friend. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but your teen’s risk of a crash just increased by 139 percent.


That’s how a new program in Kandiyohi County is helping teen drivers and their parents learn not to drive distracted: by using a probability wheel.

By lining up various factors such as day/night, number of passengers, adjusting hair or makeup, and talking on the phone, teens can see how the decisions they make can affect their chances of getting in a crash.

Learn more on how well-child checkups at a Willmar medical clinic are influencing teens to make safe choices on the road.

“You can’t make this stuff up.”

​That’s what we heard from several troopers, officers and deputies over the past few weeks as they shared their distracted driving stops with us. April is distracted driving awareness month. Here are a few of the most memorable stops during the extra enforcement campaign.

  • Female, 21, stopped by trp. Texting mom she was going to be late for Facetime chat. At least she wasn’t doing THAT while driving. #JustDrive
  • Double whammy! Male, 18, by trooper near Little Falls. Texting and not wearing a seat belt. #JustDrive
  • Female, 37, stopped by Rogers PD, texting & smoking w/dog in lap. Also had a revoked license. No words for this one except. Wow! #JustDrive

You’re sharing the road with these people, which makes it all the more important that YOU pay attention and #JustDrive.



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Video Description: Joe Tikalsky, a New Prague school bus driver for more than 40 years, was killed by a distracted driver. Joe’s family, along with a number his former bus riders, joined the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to help kick-off the state’s extra enforcement campaign April 10-23.