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Don't take your Bike on a Wasted Ride

Every year, about one-third of riders killed in motorcycle crashes had been drinking. That's a problem that needs to stop. Don't take your bike on a wasted ride. Ride sober. If you do have a couple drinks, line up a sober ride.

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride is an organization that will provide free sober rides for both the rider and their motorcycle when other options are not available. Free rides are available on weekends and holidays now through the end of October. Call 1-88-342-5743 for more information.​


Summer is Flying by! Register for a Motorcycle Training Course Now!

Looking to spend an entire day out on your bike? Register for the MN Advanced Rider Course and hone the skills you need to avoid the dangers of the road.

The course is the third level of rider courses offered by MMSC. If you've already mastered that course, take your skills to the next level by taking the MN Expert Rider Course. Both courses are offered at Brooklyn Park and Willmar training sites. They fill up fast, so find a course and register now.​


Master those Curvy Roads this Riding Season

In 2015, nearly half of fatal crashes occurred while motorcyclists were negotiating a curve. Those crashes are preventable.

Here are tips to navigate a curve safely:

  • Maintain smooth and controlled operation.
  • Slow with both brakes prior to entering the curve.
  • Keep head and eyes up, and look through the path of travel.
  • Press in the direction you want to go.
  • Roll on the throttle through the corner.​

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