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May is National Motorcycle Awareness Month: Look twice, save a life

Sometimes it only takes one wrong move for a crash to happen. If that crash is with a motorcycle, the rider is more likely to be seriously injured or killed. In motorcycle crashes where the driver of another vehicle is at fault, failure to yeild the right of way is still the leading contributing factor.


  • Start seeing motorcyclists! They're smaller and their speed and distance are more difficult to judge.
  • Always look twice before entering a roadway or changing lanes.
  • Give riders room and check blind spots.

Both riders and drivers need to work together to share the road.

DPS MIC’D UP: Inside Look at Motorcycle Rider Training Course

​Get an inside look at MMSC’s Basic Rider Course. The new MMSC video in the DPS MIC’D UP series shows beginning riders as they navigate a motorcycle, some for the first time, and learn basic riding skills. The video highlights some of the exercises students master during the 14.5 hour course.

“We’re trying to give you the basics so you can go out and practice and become a good safe motorcycle rider,” Greg Lane, MSF Certified RiderCoach, says.    Riders can take the Basic Rider Course now through September and earn their motorcycle endorsement this motorcycle season. Find a training site and register for a course.


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