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Teen Driving Practice: It’s Not Just for Summer Anymore!

A teen behind the wheel of a carNow that school is out and your family’s schedule is (hopefully) a little less crazy, it’s a great time to take the car out with your teen for some driving practice. After all, the weather is warm, there’s a lot more daylight, and the roads are dry: perfect conditions under which to learn to drive, right? Right…but there’s more to it than that. Your teen needs practice driving on icy pavement in the dark, or on dirt roads at dusk. Which means summer is a great time for driving practice, but it needs to continue all year round.

Check out our blog for tips on preparing your teen to be a safe driver.

Groups that Ride Together Should Train Together

Motorcycle training classBefore the major group rides fill up your riding season calendar, get your group together to take a training course. You'll all be better riders because of it, which will keep you safe when riding together.

The Intermediate, MN Advanced and MN Expert Rider Courses can all be purchased at a discounted rate by groups or clubs. The group rate for the intermediate course is $300. The advanced and expert rider courses cost $500 for groups.

For more details and scheduling, find a training site that offers the course and contact the site coordinator.

What Happens After Evidence Intake

A handgun in an evidence bag
If you’re like most of us, you learned everything you know about evidence from cop shows. The real thing is not as simple and may or may not be missing the surly but lovable evidence locker guard with the heart of gold.

To find out what happens to evidence after intake, our recent blog follows a gun from the crime scene, through BCA evidence testing, to the court case.

Featured Video

Video Description: Recreational fire safety. Extra seat belt enforcement results. Text-to-911. State disaster assistance approved. It’s all in this edition of “Public Safety: In Focus.”