Back by popular demand: #BackSeatTweets, St. Patrick’s Edition

March 9, 2017

Photo: From our social media coordinator's most recent #BackSeatTweets: “Set out flares for stalled vehicle. Transmission shot, driver waiting for tow. She has heat so we're on to the next call.” The next #BackSeatTweets takes place on March 17 from 7-10 p.m.​

You see them out on the roads so frequently, with their distinctive maroon and white squad cars, their tan uniforms, and their smart maroon hats: The Minnesota State Patrol. And as you pass them, whether they’re helping a motorist change a tire, answering a call to a crash site, or just driving in the opposite direction on the highway, you probably wonder: What is their job really like?

Our social media coordinator wondered the exact same thing. So she arranged a ride-along with Trooper Poptelecan, took over the State Patrol’s Twitter feed, and live-tweeted the entire evening. And that’s how #BackSeatTweets was born. It can give you a behind-the-scenes look at a trooper’s job from a civilian’s perspective. Think of it as going on a ride-along yourself without ever leaving your couch or your bowl of popcorn.

The next #BackSeatTweets is coming up in just over a week: Friday, March 17, from 7-10 p.m. Yes, you read that right: St. Patrick’s Day. This should be interesting, don’t you think? Here’s an idea of the sorts of things we’ll see that night (these are from her Dec. 15 ride-along):

  • “In case you were wondering, troopers DO pull over cars when it’s this cold. Troopers: 1, polar vortex: 0.”
  • “Trp. Poptelecan let South St. Paul speedster off w/warning after brief chat about making safer decisions behind the wheel.”
  • “Driver at 36/McKnight admitted to 68 in a 65. Problem is, speed limit here is 55. #NiceTry”
  • “Dispatchers informed Trooper P they travel 80 ft. in their wheely chairs per shift. #comedians #wiseguys #impressive”
  • “I told Trp. Poptelecan his squad car could use some holiday cheer, but he wouldn’t let me put up twinkly lights in here.” (Editor’s note: We’re hoping she’ll try paper shamrocks this time.)

When you tune in to the State Patrol’s Twitter feed for #BackSeatTweets, feel free to reply to any of them with questions. We will answer as many as we can. We hope you come away with a better understanding of what troopers do on an average shift. After all, traffic safety means everything from writing warnings to talking to motorists about being safer behind the wheel to helping stranded drivers. Enjoy your front-row seat!