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Different but same: Why they joined the State Patrol

May 15, 2017

Troopers Jill Krause and Cody Kisor
Photo: Troopers Jill Krause and Cody Kisor share their reasons for joining the Minnesota State Patrol.

Specialization. Service. Mentorship. The fun part of talking to troopers about why they love being in the Minnesota State Patrol is that everyone has a different answer. Troopers Cody Kisor and Jill Krause are no different.

When we wanted to know about the unique skills they bring to the State Patrol, Trp. Kisor told us it was about passion. He is driven to do his very best at his job every day, and is passionate about “creating and achieving personal goals.” (Bet that served him well at the academy!) Trp. Krause’s answer had more to do with her life before the State Patrol. She was a full-time employee of the National Guard and was on the US Biathlon Team. “I believe the discipline and responsibility that I learned in the first part of my life has helped me in my current career with the State Patrol,” she explains.

The two troopers also differ on their reasons for joining the State Patrol: “I wanted a career that I could help others in my community, influence people to do the right thing and serve the citizens of Minnesota,” said Trp. Krause. She certainly came to the right place, as did Trp. Kisor: “I became a State Trooper for an exciting and rewarding career that I knew would provide variety from day to day.”

When asked why the State Patrol is a great place to work, Trp. Kisor’s answer focused on opportunity, whereas Trp. Krause’s focused on support. “The Minnesota State Patrol is a great place to work because it allows for a tremendous amount of opportunity to specialize in a specific law enforcement role,” said Trp. Kisor, adding that he also appreciated “the opportunity for advancement and relocating throughout the state of Minnesota.” Trp. Krause, on the other hand, likes working for the State Patrol because it’s “very supportive of my family, personal and educational goals and provides great professional development and mentorship.”

But in case you think all their answers were different, the two troopers feel the same about one thing: their favorite part of the job. For both of them, it came down to safety and enforcement. “The best part of being a State Trooper is the freedom to patrol in different areas and enforce a variety of traffic laws,” says Trp. Krause. She likes the variety of the job, too: “No two shifts are the same.” It’s about safety and enforcement for Trp. Kisor too, as well as education: “My favorite part about being a State Trooper is having the ability to affect the safety of communities throughout Minnesota by educating the motoring public and new drivers about traffic laws and safety.”

The Minnesota State Patrol is accepting applications for new troopers through May 26. You can learn more about being a trooper and the application process at