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​What passion will you bring to the State Patrol?

May 22, 2017

A trooper's hat on the back of a squad car.
Photo: There are 550 Minnesota State Troopers. They have very different backgrounds and skills, but they have one thing in common: passion.​​

A big part of any job you love is passion. For example, if you wanted to become a Minnesota State Trooper, your passion might be getting drugs off our state’s highways or catching distracted drivers.

The troopers we talked to are no exception. Trp. Andrew Larsen, for example, has a “passion for traffic enforcement and removing impaired drivers off the road in an effort to prevent crashes.” And Trp. Karla Bearce is passionate about crash reconstruction investigations.

Trp. Aaron Myren’s passion, on the other hand, lies in criminal drug interdiction. “I set a goal to become a Minnesota State Trooper to enforce criminal drug laws on Minnesota roadways,” he explains. (Trp. Myren’s other passion is working with his K-9 partner, Argo, but who wouldn’t be passionate about that?) 

A passion for education and helping is what drives Trp. Dani Poptellican. He loves educating “motorists on roadway guidelines and speaking with new upcoming drivers during driver’s education programs at schools,” as well as “the sense of relief and the simple thank you of stranded motorists and crash victims once we arrive on scene.”

Trp. Al Thompson was a deputy sheriff before he came to the State Patrol, and he brought his passion for the Safe and Sober program (now Toward Zero Deaths) with him.

With combined passions of all these troopers (and their 545 colleagues, besides), the Minnesota State Patrol has every aspect of highway safety covered—but that doesn’t mean their ranks don’t have room for more.

The Minnesota State Patrol is accepting applications for new troopers through May 26. You can learn more about being a trooper and the application process at

What’s your passion?