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​Why you’ll like the new DVS computer system

July 17, 2017

Photo of a man speaking with a Driver and Vehicle Services representative.
Photo: While they install an innovative new computer system, Driver and Vehicle Services will be limited from July 17 through 24. Read on to find out what you can do when.​

Renewing your vehicle tabs is about to get a whole lot more efficient. That’s because DVS is replacing the computer system for vehicle and driver’s license transactions and records. The new system, called the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS), will replace a 30-year-old mainframe computer system.

The new system will reduce the turnaround time for title transactions, and your record will get updated in the system immediately, without delay. For example, if you buy a car privately and drive it to your local motor vehicle office to transfer the title to your name, and if for some reason you got pulled over on the way home, the law enforcement officer would be able to look up your registration and see that you were in fact the owner of that car.

MNLARS is also designed to reduce common errors. It prevents moving forward with a transaction unless certain required information is entered, such as insurance information or date of sale. And when a common error gets caught at the time of application, you’re less likely to have to make a second trip to the office to fix the problem.

Of course, there’s a bit of a transition period for this to happen: Starting today through July 24, online tab renewal services will be unavailable. That means that if you have July tabs, you’ll have to go to a DVS office location before July 20 or after the 24 to get your tabs in person. In-person tab renewal, plate replacement and title application will be unavailable July 20 through July 24. And on July 22, all DVS exam stations and most local motor vehicle and driver’s license locations will be closed. If you have any questions about what services you can get when, call your local office. Contact information for each location is available online.

Ultimately, seven days of limited services while the new system gets up and running will be a small price to pay for the accuracy and efficiency it will provide. Thanks so much for your patience!