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Grab your food-on-a-stick and join us for Governor’s Fire Prevention Day at the Minnesota State Fair

Aug. 21, 2017

Photo of a woman and child receiving a free tote bag during Governor’s Fire Prevention Day at the Minnesota State Fair.
​Photo: Stop by and see us Friday, Aug. 25, for Governor’s Fire Prevention Day at the Minnesota State Fair. Staff from several of our divisions will be sharing valuable life-saving information and resources.

Candy bars. Pork chops. Macaroni and cheese. If it’s on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair, you can bet people will be waiting in long lines to get their grub on. We get it. Food and the Great Minnesota Get-Together go together like, well, macaroni and cheese (even the kind on a stick).

But maybe you’re not into the whole food-on-a-stick thing. Maybe you’re more interested in going to the Fair to absorb information that can save your life instead of calories. If that’s the case, come see us at the fair on Friday, Aug. 25, for Governor’s Fire Prevention Day.

Staff from the Department of Public Safety’s State Fire Marshal Division (SFMD), Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS), and Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division (HSEM) will be at the Hot Zone all day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Hot Zone is in Expo Place on the north end of the fairgrounds. Park off Larpenteur Avenue in the Camel or Buffalo lots, and you’ll walk right by us on your way in.

Bring your food-on-a-stick and check out tons of cool demonstrations. Learn life-saving information and tips. If you’re feeling lucky, you can give some of the hands-on games a try and test your fire prevention, emergency preparedness, and safe digging knowledge.

The kids can burn off some energy in the Safety Hopper and the Safe Escape House while you fill your tote bag with emergency planning guides and evacuation kit bags from our HSEM staff, fire prevention to-do fridge magnets from our SFMD staff, and yard sticks that help you dig safely from our MNOPS staff.

While you’re waiting for the grease fire demonstration (have your camera ready. You won’t want to miss this), try your hand at HSEM’s “Gone in 60 Seconds” activity.  Participants will have 60 seconds to rummage through tote bins to find five essential items they should pack in their evacuation bag. The goal?  To demonstrate how difficult it would be to grab those items and go during an emergency.

Pretty eye-opening and informative stuff. 

If you need a break from the Hot Zone, head over to Dan Patch Park to cheer on the future of the Minnesota fire service. Young men and women from fire department explorer posts from across the state will be giving it their all in various competitions.

The best part about the Hot Zone at Governor’s Fire Prevention Day at the Fair? All this great information that can keep you and your family safe and maybe even save your lives is free. And there are no lines! Well, at least they’re a lot shorter than the line for one of the fair’s newest concoctions: The bacon up pup (go ahead and look it up. You’ll thank us later).

You can find a complete list of events on the Governor’s Fire Prevention Day website.