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State Troopers and you at the Great Minnesota Get-Together

Aug. 24, 2017

Fairgoers get an up-close look at a state patrol helicopter.
Photo: Getting a tour of Trooper 7 is just one of the great experiences for the whole family at Minnesota State Patrol Day at the State Fair on Aug. 28. Come say hello to the troopers at Expo Place!​

How do you and your family plan your day at the Minnesota State Fair? Do you each pick a can’t-miss favorite? Do you work your way around from east to west and back? Or maybe you just go where your fancy takes you.

But once everyone has their Pronto Pups and cheesy nacho corn on the cob, you’ll definitely want to bring the whole gang over to Expo Place at Murphy Avenue and Cooper Street on Monday, Aug. 28, for Minnesota State Patrol Day at the Fair. When you see Trooper 7, the State Patrol helicopter, you’ll know you’re in the right place (and if you stick around until 4 p.m., you’ll get to see it take off).

The kids will love meeting some of the State Patrol’s K-9 officers – they’ll be there with their handlers giving demonstrations of how they get drugs off the streets, and you can pet them afterward. Sgt. Jesse Grabow will show you what it looks like when and airbag deploys – it’s an eye-opening experience. And lots of troopers will be available to answer any questions you have and get pictures with the kids.

If you’re free at 2, check out the parade. The State Troopers will be leading the way!

Minnesota State Patrol Day at the fair is a great time to get to know the hardworking men and women who keep you safe on the roads every day, so don’t forget to come say hello and get to know them better.