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That’s a wrap! More than 5,000 riders trained during the 2017 season

Oct. 26, 2017

Photo of a motorcycle rider driving through a series of cones.
Photo: More than 5,000 riders participated in motorcycle training courses through the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center this year – and they weren’t all beginners.

Well, it’s happened again: Another motorcycle riding season has come and (almost) gone. And with it, another motorcycle training season – which means there are 5,728 riders out there with better skills than they started the season with.

And no, not all of those riders started this year’s motorcycle riding season as beginners. In fact, the intermediate and advanced/expert training courses saw a 19 percent increase in enrollment this year compared to last year.

The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) would like to continue to see those numbers rise, because there’s so much more a rider can learn beyond what’s taught in the Basic Rider Course.

But don’t take our word for it. Riders had great things to say about their intermediate, advanced or expert course this season. “Really fun course. Great review and practice of riding techniques that can be lost or forgotten over time,” said one rider. Another commented, “The course greatly exceeded my expectations. It is an incredible value. The instructors were outstanding.”

A third rider expressed the value of repeating training on a regular basis: “Great class. Can’t wait to take it again!”

Fortunately, advanced and expert riders will have two new training sites to further hone their skills: Roseau and Virginia. That’s in addition to the three current sites in Willmar, Brooklyn Park, and White Bear Lake.

And if you’re thinking about signing up for a motorcycle training course for next season, you can start planning now. Registration typically opens in January, so watch the MMSC’s website for updates.

And if you need to budget, consider that courses range in price from $55 to $180. However, if your motorcycle club (or just your group of buddies) can agree on a date, you can purchase an entire Advanced or Expert Course to take together. It’s a fun and economical way to expand your riding skills.