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Meet a state trooper at the Auto Show

March 6, 2018

Photo of a state patrol squad car at the auto show.

Sometimes when you meet a member of the Minnesota State Patrol, it’s under…less than happy circumstances. Maybe a trooper stops to help you change a tire or get you out of a snow bank. Maybe they pull you over for a broken tail light or exceeding the speed limit (well…not you. But some people). Wouldn’t it be great to meet a trooper just for fun?

If you go to the Twin Cities Auto Show that starts this weekend (March 10-18) at the Minneapolis Convention Center, you can do just that. The State Patrol will have a booth just east of the Ride and Drive section between Mini and iHeartRadio.

You can check out a squad car, try the AAA distracted driving simulator, and learn about the State Patrol’s Flight Section. They’ll also have a vehicle onsite that was involved in a fatal distracted driving-related crash, so you can see firsthand the consequences of distracted driving.

And if meeting a trooper at the Auto Show inspires a career change, don’t worry: you can also learn about career opportunities with the State Patrol. If you think assisting, educating, and enforcing traffic laws for Minnesota drivers might be your bag, you can find out more from someone who’s living it now. You can ask a trooper any time, or talk to a State Patrol recruiter on Friday, March 16, from 10 a.m. to noon.

You can learn more about the Minnesota State Patrol’s special programs at the Twin Cities Auto Show’s website. And if you’re ready to buy tickets, you can order them online now (it’s cheaper than buying them at the door).

So if you go to the Twin Cities Auto Show, make sure you find out what it’s like to meet a state trooper on your own terms!