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Too much motorcycle training? No such thing.

Nov. 7, 2019

A motorcycle training student navigates through orange cones as an instructor watches

There are thousands of motorcycle riders throughout Minnesota who have better riding skills than they started the season with. How do we know? Because a total of 4,293 people took Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) rider training courses this season. And although that included a lot of beginners, many said they’d be coming back, and many already have.

From site to site throughout the state, motorcycle training participants agreed that their instructors were supportive, knowledgeable and helpful. They said their rider instructors were not afraid to have fun, but took safety very seriously. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the experiences of riders who took the MMSC Basic Rider Course in their own words:

  • “I had never driven a motorcycle before this course, and I thought the pace was excellent for gradually introducing new skills.”
  • “The rider coaches did an excellent job instructing a group of people with very diverse levels of experience.”
  • “I knew I needed riding instruction to improve, be safer, and to gain confidence. This course was perfect for what I was looking for!”
  • “The class was well worth the time and money and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I plan to continue on with more training courses.”
  • “I really enjoyed my time on the range and now have a motorcycle endorsement to show for it!”
  • The course itself was SO informative! I feel like it should be required for anyone seeking their motorcycle endorsement.”

The Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Rider Courses met with similar enthusiasm – in fact, 100 percent of students surveyed said they would recommend the course to a friend and that it met or exceeded their expectations. In many cases, the students were repeat customers, recognizing the importance of ongoing training to their safety and enjoyment of motorcycle riding. Here’s what some of the Intermediate, Advanced and Expert students had to say about their courses:

  • “It pushed my abilities as a rider. I have a better understanding of my motorcycle and a stronger trust in my skills.”
  • “Excellent instruction. And this is a seriously challenging course.”
  • “I’ll go every year to sharpen skills and have fun.”
  • “I will be doing this again next year. Excellent course.”

And although MMSC’s motorcycle training season is over for the year, don’t worry. Course schedules will be available online in December, and registration will begin in January 2020 (we’ll be sure to remind you). Soon, you’ll be able to sign up for a course to make sure your skills are polished and ready for the open road – something riders should do every year or two. Because as one motorcycle training participant put it, “There is no such thing as too much training.”