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Come see us at the International Motorcycle Show!

Jan. 27, 2020

If you’re wishing you could fast-forward to spring so that you can kick the winter blues and get back on your motorcycle, you’re not alone. But the next best thing to riding down the road on your bike is hanging out with people who love motorcycles as much as you do.

A motorcycle show visitor looks at a brochure with a staff member at the MMSC boothYou can find them at the International Motorcycle Show in Minneapolis. The show takes place Jan.31-Feb. 2 at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) will be there to talk motorcycle training and safety. We’ll have a booth at the show each day. Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certified RiderCoaches – the people who teach MMSC courses – will be there to answer any of your questions.

If you visit the MMSC booth, you’ll also get to try the Safe Motorcyclist Awareness and Recognition Trainer (SMARTrainer). The SMARTrainer is a stationary motorcycle simulator that gives you a virtual environment in which to test your skills. Besides the seat and handlebars, it has all the standard motorcycle controls, along with a video monitor. You can choose from a wide range of scenarios, and the RiderCoach supervising the SMARTrainer can provide a performance review and help you figure out which training course would be most appropriate for you. And now that registration is open for motorcycle training courses, you can register right away!

Of course, the MMSC will also stock the booth with lots of different goodies, including our new Motorcycle Safety Tips brochure, the 2020 rider training brochure, 2020 laws and regulations cards (a really handy reference to have on hand), bumper stickers, and reflective decals. Take some for yourself, and bring some back to your riding club.

So get your tickets to the International Motorcycle Show today. Adults are $16 each; kids 11 and under are free. Have a great time checking out the custom bike show, kid zone and stunt show (among the many other attractions), and don’t forget to come see us at the MMSC booth. We’re looking forward to seeing you!