​Operation Safety Net: Your official source for information during the Chauvin trial

March 8, 2021

Operation Safety Net social media channel logos, safetynet.mn.gov  URL

uring a high-profile event like the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, it's important that members of the public can make their voices heard safely. That's why Minnesota law enforcement officials established Operation Safety Net. Its mission is to preserve and protect lawful First Amendment non-violent protests and demonstrations before, during and after the trial of Chauvin, who was charged in George Floyd's death.

Operation Safety Net is also dedicated to preventing violent civil disturbances, assaultive actions, property damage, fires and looting to government buildings, businesses, and critical infrastructure.

With large protests and demonstrations come rumors and misinformation, especially on social media. But you can turn to Operation Safety Net's social media channels and website to stay informed. These channels are the official source of accurate, timely information, so you can feel confident sharing it on your own social media as well.

What can you expect on Operation Safety Net's social media channels and website? You'll find livestreaming news conferences on YouTube. You will also find live updates about important public safety concerns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You'll meet public safety faces working behind the scenes on Operation Safety Net. And if an area is dangerous or you need to leave for your safety, that information will be on the Operation Safety Net website and social media channels.

So if you haven't already, make sure you follow Operation Safety Net on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – and share these sites with your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. That way, everyone can safely make their voices heard before, during and after the trial of Derek Chauvin.