​​​Women: Here's why you should join the State Patrol

Sept. 9, 2021

State Trooper Lori Young

Lori Young had doubts. As a woman and a lesbian, she wasn't sure how she'd fit into the State Patrol. But after a 15-year career in the nonprofit world, Trooper Young wanted to serve her community in a different way. Now, this Duluth native gets to patrol Highway 61, which she believes to be “the most beautiful highway in Minnesota."

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the State Patrol is everything Trooper Young was looking for in a new career. “I can be my whole self. I was looking for someplace that would honor who I am as a whole person, and the State Patrol really does that, because we serve everybody." It's important for any law enforcement agency to reflect the community they serve, and Trooper Young feels the State Patrol is well on its way to doing so. She gets feedback from “people I work with on the street or even my neighbors – everyone is just really happy that the State Patrol represents everybody."

The State Patrol i​s hiring through Sept. 17, and although you need a 2- or 4-year degree, no law enforcement experience is necessary. Becoming a trooper was a great choice for Trooper Young because “I can have a comfortable life, I can work and earn money, I can work overtime and earn money. I never had a job where the extra hours I put in I was compensated for. I love the health care. There are a lot of jobs out there, but this is a really good one."

Trooper Young knows that, like her, women might be hesitant. Often, she says, “women don't feel like they're good enough or qualified enough, and they need to be 110 percent qualified in order to even apply." But Trooper Young wants women to understand that what qualifies them is their unique life experience: “Whatever you bring from the work that you've done, the education you've received, the people that you've met, this is the place for you." In short, everything that's brought you to this place in your life right now helps qualify you to become a trooper. “You had kids? You know how to deal with temper tantrums. You've been married? You know how to negotiate." The list goes on and on.

There are definitely standards a person has to meet in order to join the State Patrol. Trooper Young's advice: “Look into those. Go to the website. Figure it out." Trooper Young explains that ultimately, having more women join will strengthen the organization as a whole. “Together, the State Patrol really does a lot of good work when we have a very diverse team with different experiences."

So what are you waiting for? Listen to Trooper Young: “People should jump on this — it's gold. It's gold!"