​Blog Archive: April 2021

A man sitting at a table with his hand held to his face These three numbers can save a life​

April 29​

When you're truly in the middle of a crisis, it's hard to remember anything, let alone a 10-digit phone number. That's why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules in the summer of 2020 to establish a three-digit number that connects people in mental health crises to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The new phone number, 988, will be...

A smartphone with the emergency call option on the lock screenHow a​nd why to avoid an accidental 911 call

April 26

If there's one thing we've learned about smart phones, it's that touch screens can be…well, touchy. If it hasn't happened to you, you've probably heard about it—your cat walks on the screen and turns your phone off, or your toddler grabs it while you're not looking and accidentally calls your boss. It can even happen in your pocket, when you somehow end up...​

​​A driver with their hands on the steering wheel and a smartphone in a dash mounted holderDistractions down, eyes up while driving

April 8

When we think of distracted driving, most of us think of holding a phone up to our ear or scrolling thro​ugh our social media feed. But distracted driving takes a lot of different forms. Perhaps it's taking a selfie, like several people ticketed recently. Or it could be steering with your knees while holding a phone with both h​ands, like a St. Paul man did last year...

​​​​Screen shot of the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP)ODMAP provides crucial data to combat the opioid epidemic

April 5

For years, Minnesota law enforcement, public health officials and medical professionals have been working to mitigate the effects of illicit narcotics – e​specially overdoses. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (DPS-BCA) began using an application called...​

​​​Lawn with spray paint and flags marking underground utilitiesJoin 941,358 of your neighbors in calling (or clicking) before you dig

April 1

That corner of you​r yard – you know, the one that gets all that southern light – would be a great place for a garden, you think. Just flowers, nothing complicated. You'll only be digging about six or eight inches down, so you probably won't hit anything important, right? Wrong. Underground utilities...​