Blog Archive: August 2021

A State Patrol squad car parked near a move over for stopped emergency vehicles sign along a roadWhen their safety is in your hands: The Ted Foss Move Over law

Aug. 30

Let's say you're driving down the right-hand lane of a divided highway and you see that a car has been pulled over by law enforcement, or a tow truck is working on the side of the road. And even though all the vehicles are as far to the right as they can get without rolling into the ditch, they're still...

​​ Send tips about threats to a school or place of worship to the Minnesota BCA You can help protect schools and places of worship with the new BCA app

Aug. 26

No matter where or how you worship or learn, your church and school should be among the places you feel safest. And although you can and should depend on law enforcement to ensure that safety, the fact is that it's a team effort. After all, law enforcem​ent has always relied on the public...

There is no Labor Day sale on funeral costs. Extra DWI patrols now. Drive sober. Drive smart!Don’t let summer go out with a crash

Aug. 23

“Let's have one last celebration before summer ends! What shall we do?" “Great idea! Let's spend thousands of dollars in legal fees! Or…spending months in the hospital might be fun. Or how about dying in a car crash?" If all of that sounds like a ridiculous way to spend Labor Day weekend, we agree. And yet that's what can happen if you don't find a sober ride...​

​​ Jenapher Blair shakes hands with Trooper Todd Merwin, the helicopter pilot who helped save her life by flying blood from St. Paul to Hutchinson.  ​Meet the team that saved one mom's life

Aug. 20

​“Am I going to die?" That was the last thing Jenapher Blair asked her nurse, Brandon Thiemann, before he put her under general anesthesia for surgery. “Frankly, when people ask me that, it often turns out that they do," says Thiemann. But even though July 21 would be the day Jenapher experienced a post-partum hemorrhage – a life-threatening complication...​

Example of thunderstorm damage threat alert on a phone screen When destructive weather is on the way, your cell phone can save you

Aug. 19

You've heard the old saying: Forewarned is forearmed. In other words, the more you know about a problem ahead of time, the better prepared you can be to deal with it. Severe weather is no exception, which is why the National Weather Service (NWS) has just added a “damage threat" tag...

/blog/PublishingImages/DVS-document-preverificiation-08162021.jpg ​How DVS document pre-verification will save you time​​​​

Aug. 16

When it's time to get your Minnesota driver's license – or renew your old one – you have a few choices. Once the federal deadline arrives on May 3, 2023, a REAL ID can do more. It will get you into government buildings and allow you to fly domestically without a passport, for example...​

It's a freeway, not a raceway. Drive Smart! Slow down. Speeding kills.

Aug. 12

We can all agree that the last 18 months have been pretty rough, with the tragic effects of the pandemic and the disruption to so many lives, jobs and activities. So you'd think everyone would be doing everything they can to make sure things keep getting better. Not so for the drivers who received 17,025 speeding citations during the month of July...

​​​ A pipline inspector at a construction sitePipeline inspections: The safety you never see

Aug. 9​

If you didn't know Minnesota has an Office of Pipeline Safety (MNOPS), don't worry. Most people don't. You can think of pipeline safety like the lighting or sound design in a movie: If it's done right, you shouldn't notice it. To accomplish good pipeline safety, we need the right people for the job. So without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to our three newest​...​​

Heavy traffic driving on freewayTraffic incident management: The smoother the traffic flow, t​he safer the roads​​

Aug. 5​

Traffic incident management is what happens when first responders secure and clear the scene. That is, they make sure everyone at the scene of the crash – including themselves – is safe, and they clear it off the roadway as quickly as possible. But as you can imagine, that's more easily said than​...

Young girl in car looking at cell phone

Happy second anniversary to the Minnesota
hands-free law

Aug. 2​

Complacency is a dangerous thing, and old habits are hard to break. Often, once the novelty wears off a new idea or program, we go back to our old ways. But sometimes falling back into old habits can be deadly. Minnesota’s hands-free cell ph​one law just had its second anniversary...