​Blog Archive: November 2021

​​​ Shots of tequila being poured Find a safe ride on Blackout Wednesday

Nov. 22

Maybe she cooked the best pumpkin pie this side of the Mississippi. Maybe he told jokes so terrible, everyone laughed anyway. But for too many families this holiday season, memories like that will be all they have left of a loved one because of a drunk driver. The night before Thanksgiving has come to be known as “Blackout Wednesday.”...

​​ A stovetop fire Make the holidays delicious … and safe

Nov. 18

There’s nothing like gathering with friends and family over a delicious holiday meal, warm and cozy in your home, festive candles ablaze. But it just so happens that cooking, heating and open flames – those staples of holiday atmosphere – are also the three leading causes of house fires in Minnesota. In fact, the time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is often...

​​ Vehicles on a snow-covered road, a vehicle in the ditch with a State Patrol squad car parked on the shoulder of the roadWinter Hazard Awareness Week: Don't get left out in the cold

Nov. 15

It seems our pleasant fall has come to an end as Minnesota officially welcomed the first real wave of winter weather. It's tempting to forget about winter's cold bite, isn't it? But we know what's coming ... even if our first snowfall and colder temperatures came a little later this year. The fact is...

​​​ A state trooper and another man look at the front of a crashed vehicle After a crash, do this

Nov. 4

If you’ve never experienced it, count yourself lucky: The sickening thud that accompanies a car crash. The days—and sometimes weeks or months—of dealing with doctors and mechanics and insurance adjusters. The sinking feeling that if only you had left a little earlier or put your phone down or turned your headlights on, this might not have happened. But crashes ...

A blanket catching fire on a space heaterTips for staying warm and safe this winter

Nov. 1

There's no getting around it: Winter weather is inevitable, and you've had the heat on for at least a couple of weeks. Staying warm is good, whether it's from a furnace, fire in the fireplace, or space heater. But the very things that keep us cozy in the cold can endanger our lives. When the temperature drops, the number of fires typically spikes...​​​