Blog Archive: October 2021

​​Report for Road Test sign at an exam station​DPS-DVS has a new fee for no-shows

Oct. 28

You agreed you'd meet for lunch at noon. You check your phone again to make sure you're in the right place, then look around for your friend. They're nowhere to be found. You start to worry, so you send them a text. No response. At 12:30, you give up and go home, annoyed that you could have spent that half hour doing other things. You later learn your friend...

Superior National Forest during the Greenwood FireWildfires: Preventable, not inevitable

Oct. 25

If you felt there were a lot more wildfires than usual in Minnesota this year, you were right. Minnesota experienced one of its more active wildfire seasons in recent history. And although droughts create the perfect conditions for wildfires to flourish, the fact is that almost 90 percent of wildland fires in the U.S. ​are caused by people...

A deer crossing a road It’s a deer’s world, and we only drive in it

Oct. 21

November is coming soon, bringing with it pictures of turkeys, pumpkin spice everything, and deer mating season. It's the time of year when deer are most active, which means it's the time of year when the most deer-vehicle crashes occur in Minnesota.​ It's hard to know exactly how many deer-vehicle crashes we've had over the past few years...

​​​ Debris from a house destroyed by an explosion Gas leaks can be deadly no matter where they happen

Oct. 18

That new mailbox or tree you planted in the yard this summer is all safe and sound, thanks to the fact that you called 811 before you dug. And now that you're likely done digging for the year—and the chances that you'll strike an underground gas line are zero—the chances of a gas leak...​

A RiderCoach instructing a motorcycle training class Share the love: Become a RiderCoach​

Oct. 14

T​here are probably many reasons you ride your motorcycle: Maybe it's the feeling of freedom when you're out on the open road. Maybe it's the sense of camaraderie with your fellow riders. But at least one of the reasons is probably that you just plain love to ride. Have you ever thought about sharing that love with others as a certified RiderCoach?​


​​ ​Help your community: Become a class D knowledge test third-party proctor​

Oct. 11

If you live in a small community in Minnesota, you've probably been affected by the closure of many Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) exam stations due to the pandemic. DVS is in the process of reopening 60 stations by early 2022 – but most of those will be more focused on road...​

Minnesota Sports Squares sheet

​​Gambling during football season: What you need to know

Oct. 7

Football season is back in full swing, and it feels great. You've probably already hung out with friends, brought your famous dip, maybe helped fire up the grill. And perhaps there was a friendly wager on the game. Was it legal? If the wager took place at someone's home, the answer is yes...

​​​ Hear a beep, get on your feet. Get out and stay out. Chirps and beeps: The sounds that can save your life

Oct. 4

​Let's be honest with ourselves: No one likes the sounds a smoke alarm makes. All that chirping and beeping? It's enough to scare you right out of your skin. But here's a newsflash: That's the entire point. If smoke alarms made pleasant, melodiou​s noises, they wouldn't give you the adrenaline rush you need to go from a deep sleep to on your feet and out the door...

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