Blog Archive: September 2021​

A school bus with lights flashing and the stop arm extended​Drivers: Practice good school bus safety in your “village"​

Sept. 30

After a year of seeing very few (if any) school buses in your neighborhood, you may have spent the past month getting used to navigating the streets with the big yellow vehicles again. Now that schools are back to full-time, in-person learning, it's important to remember there are specific laws...

A body-worn camera on a law enforcement officer's uniform Extra transparency and accountability: Body-worn cameras for the BCA

Sept. 27

​When conducting an investigation, enforcing laws, and carrying out warrants, the general rule is: The more sources of information, the better. That's why Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) agents will soon be wearing body cameras. The plan has been in the works for some time...

Trooper Keenan Jones; Jake Bosacker’s mug shot from the night of his DWI; Jake, now sober, at his wedding earlier this year ​"You saved my life ​that night."

Sept. 23

In the summer of 2017, 21-year-old Jake Bosacker made a promise to himself: No more drinking. He would move home to Minnesota from his college in Texas. Take a semester off. Move back in with his parents and get a job. Sober up. And maybe, finally, follow that lifelong dream of becoming a sworn law enforcement officer. But his first night back...

A hand on a steering wheel The ongoing crisis: Traffic deaths on Minnesota's roads

Sept. 20

The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year continued a distressing trend of traffic deaths. Those 100 days are the most traveled of the year on Minnesota roads, and this year they proved particularly tragic. Preliminary numbers show that 167 people died in traffic crashes during...​

Minnesota firefighters cutting up downed trees in Louisiana Helping the helpers in Louisiana

Sept. 16

When any disaster – even a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane – strikes, first responders do what they do best: They drop everything and help. But their resources, energy and even health aren't bottomless. Even the helpers need help sometimes. That's when they use the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).​ ​After Hurricane Ida made landfall...

A hand against a window from inside a dark roomNo one wants t​o be trafficked. Here's what we're doing about it.

Sept. 13

No one chooses to be sold. No one wishes to be forced by another person to work or have sex. In short, no one wants to be trafficked. And yet it happens every day, even here in Minnesota. People are forced, intimidated, duped, or unknowing participants in a crime they can't...

State Trooper Lori YoungWomen: Here's why you should join the State Patrol

Sept. 9

Lori Young had doubts. As a woman and a lesbian, she wasn't sure how she'd fit into the State Patrol. But after a 15-year career in the nonprofit world, Trooper Young wanted to serve her community in a different way. Now, this Duluth native gets to patrol Highway 61, which she believes to be “the most beautiful highway in Minnesota." In addition to the scenery​...​​

​​ Three students studying in a dorm room Add fire safety to your college move-in checklist

Se​​​pt. 2

Let's see: Beanb​ag chair. Poster of favorite band. Perhaps a new comforter for the bed. Your college student's move-in checklist is likely a mile long, so the last thing you want to do is add anything to it. But some things are just too important to leave off — like campus fire safety. Did you know that fire kills college students every year, both on and off campus?​​

​​ ​​ ​