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ECN's Annual Report 2014

ecn-annual-report-image.jpgNotable Achievements of 2014 include:

  • Migration to the Next Generation 911 Emergency Service IP Network (ESInet) is complete. This is the conversion of the 911 network from an analog voice network to a high-speed voice and data network.

  • Minnesota’s Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) program continues to be a model for the nation. Ninety-seven percent of the ARMER backbone is on the air. Seventy-eight of 87 counties have migrated to ARMER, with seven of the remaining counties exploring the feasibility of joining ARMER in the near future.
  • Advancing the deliverables for the FirstNet consultation project (State and Local Implementation Grant Program or SLIGP) will promote the implementationof a public safety wireless broadband network.

Read the full report here.