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FirstNet: The Internet of Life Saving Things

​The wireless broadband network known as FirstNet took center stage at the EMS World Expo in New Orleans this week. FirstNet President TJ Kennedy addressed thousands of first responders to highlight the network’s potential to revolutionize mobile emergency rooms and other medical care in the field. He called it the “Internet of Life Saving Things.” Tools include life-saving apps that will facilitate video and audio feeds from the field back to a hospital, along with data management—all done over an encrypted and prioritized network.

Watch TJ Kennedy’s keynote speech.


Mapping out FirstNet in Minnesota

While planning continues for a dedicated wireless broadband network in Minnesota, a new map is showing how FirstNet will roll out for first responders across the state. The goal is to make it available statewide based on capacity and coverage needs in five phases. This means Minnesota’s metro areas, along with our state highways and interstates will be the first locations to have access to the network—making emergency response more efficient and effective.

The proposed build-out map is currently under consideration, but may be accessed here.