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This is a drill: FEMA evaluates Radiological Emergency Response Plan

​Minnesota state agencies, Xcel Energy and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) teamed up to practice the emergency response plan for the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant. The annual drill simulated an incident at the Red Wing area facility. The exercise prompted a full activation of the state’s emergency operations center (SEOC), where major players gathered to make key decisions in responding to the simulated emergency.

The drill helps ensure the state would be prepared in the unlikely event there is a real disaster. FEMA will release preliminary results of the drill in early July.

Watch what happened inside the SEOC during the drill.


Making Minnesota’s Railways even safer

Stevens County Oil Train Derailment Exercise

​Stevens County emergency responders are participating in a full-scale exercise this week to practice their response plans in the event of an oil train derailment.

Updated figures from Minnesota’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management division show that 5,700 first responders have undergone awareness training to learn how to respond to a derailment of crude oil or other hazardous materials.

Other Minnesota communities, including St. Cloud, are also preparing for an unlikely rail emergency. St. Cloud leaders and first responders recently shared their detailed incident preparedness plan.


Featured Video

Video Description: This video shows what happens behind the scenes during an exercise in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). It’s the first in series of videos, taking viewers inside the different divisions of the Department of Public Safety. Legislators are currently considering a bonding request for a new $33 million dollar SEOC in Arden Hills.