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What's New?

Attention operators: Reporting forms available electronically

Several of our operator reporting forms are now available on our website to submit electronically. 

  • The Annual Pipeline Operator Billing Information Form is due Feb. 16. You can fill it out here.

  • The Emergency Response Reporting Form is for intrastate operators only and is due bimonthly. You can fill it out here.

  • The Utility Damage Reporting Survey is due quarterly. You can fill it out here.


Keep an eye on your gas meter this winter

​Cold weather and snow can cause dangerous problems inside Minnesota homes heated with natural gas.

This winter, check your gas meters outside your homes and other buildings to be sure they stay free of ice and snow that can block the regulator vent and cause it to malfunction.

Be gentle. Don't damage the meter. Brush the snow off; don't shovel it away from the meter.

Report One Call violations electronically

​It's the law to call 811 in Minnesota at least two business days before digging in your yard.

If you know someone is violating Minnesota's damage prevention laws, you can now report it online by completing this electronic form.