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OTS grant program keeps kids safe as they get on and off the bus

School bus stop armThe anticipation of waiting to hop on the bus to see friends and go to school should be fun, not scary. Kids (and their parents) shouldn't have to worry about a driver ignoring the school bus stop arm and hitting them.

Over the past two years, our Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has been partnering with busing companies, school districts and law enforcement agencies to make sure Minnesota's students stay safe. OTS stop arm grant funding has equipped 6,998 school buses statewide with camera systems, representing about 59 percent of the eligible school bus fleet. Even more school bus drivers across the state will have help keeping kids safe as Phase 7 of our stop arm grant program goes into effect.

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Law enforcement arrests more than 2,400 impaired drivers during holiday season

Drive Smart graphic with text that says A sobering reality: A DWI will cost you about $10K.Talking and laughing with friends or family over dinner and drinks can be a nice way to unwind. Plan a sober ride and it's all good.

Over the holiday DWI extra enforcement campaign, more than 2,400 drivers made the dangerous choice to drive while impaired. The arrests included drivers going out to eat pizza, heading to the store, and traveling with young children in the car.

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