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St. Patrick's Day DWIs Continue to Drop

​Motorists across Minnesota continue to make the right choice when it comes to finding a sober ride home.
The number of DWI arrests this past St. Patrick’s Day was the lowest in the past six years, as law enforcement across the state made 94 arrests for drunk driving. 

  • 2010 (Wed.) – 225
  • 2011 (Thurs.) – 289
  • 2012 (Sat) – 346
  • 2013 (Sun.) – 226
  • 2014 (Mon.) – 106 (preliminary)
  • 2015 (Tues.) – 94 (preliminary)

While the numbers are encouraging, one DWI is too many. During the weekend prior to St. Patrick’s Day, law enforcement made 326 DWI arrests, compared to 320 the previous weekend.
The Department of Public Safety encourages everyone to plan ahead to find a sober ride and not drive drunk.

One in Six Minnesota Drivers Considered High-Risk

​They are next to you on the highways, city streets and at stop lights. They are high-risk drivers. The Office of Traffic Safety commissioned a study to learn more about them in hopes to influence better choices. Find out how these motorists are not as good a drivers as they think and they underestimate the risks.

Video Description: To keep another family from suffering the pain of seeing their child injured or worse, a Minnesota mom speaks out on the dangers of texting while driving.