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Tragic Beginning to May on Minnesota Roads

  • In the first six days of May, 12 people have died in traffic crashes on Minnesota roads.
  • As of May 7, preliminary figures from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety show 122 people have died on Minnesota roads since Jan. 1, compared to 93 last year at this time.
  • The last time Minnesota reached 122 fatalities by May 7 was in 2008 when 132 people died on Minnesota roads.
  • Speed continues to be a major contributing factor in the rise of traffic fatalities with 50 speed-related deaths this year compared with 25 this time last year.
Drive smart and save lives by buckling up, slowing down, lining up a sober ride and park the phone and drive distraction-free. Learn more at DriveSmartMN.org

Minnesota Reaches 100 Traffic Fatalities

Too many lives are being lost on Minnesota roads. Preliminary numbers show 116 fatalities so far this year compared with 91 this time last year.

The state reported its 100th traffic death (preliminary) on April 21. This is the earliest date reaching the preliminary figure of 100 traffic fatalities in the last six years.

Recent deaths include:

  • A 74-year-old woman, no seat belt, driving 75 mph in a 55 zone on a Mille Lacs County road. She went off the road, over-corrected, overturned and hit a tree.
  • A 35-year-old male motorcyclist, no helmet, driving 79 mph in a 55 zone, ran off the road attempting to negotiate a curve on a McLeod County road.  Drug use is suspected.
  • A 46-year-old male motorcyclist, no helmet, took a wide right turn onto a dirt shoulder in Hibbing, moved back onto the street and lost control. Alcohol use is suspected.    

  • A 34-year-old male driver was traveling in Polk County, left the road and struck a tree.                          

  • A 29-year-old male driver, driving 80 mph in a 30 zone on a Cass County road, ran off the road, hit an embankment and overturned multiple times. Alcohol and drugs are suspected.  

  • A 23-year-old male driver ran off a St Paul street, overturned and was ejected.

Learn more about driving smart and saving lives on Minnesota roads at DriveSmartMN.org

​​​Careless Teen Driving: Small Actions, Big Consequences

A still frame from a teen driving PSA that shows a family around a dinner table with one member faded out​​Zach Knapp, a high school senior from Elk River, was concerned about the driving behavior he was seeing on the roads, especially from his fellow teens: “If you just pay a little attention, you see people talking or texting on their phones, brushing their hair, eating, all kinds of things while they're driving." So Zach decided to do something about it: He made a 40-second PSA for his local sheriff's office to distribute. Learn more about why and how he brought this project to life – and the long-term effects he hopes it will have – in this DPS Blog.​​​

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Driving with a phone in your hand is illegal in Minnesota. Lt. Gordon Shank, with the Minnesota State Patrol, shows you different ways to go hands-free.