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100 Deadliest Days on Minnesota Roads

​Treacherous driving conditions often give motorists the perception that winter is the most dangerous time of the year on Minnesota roads, when in fact, summer months are the deadliest.

During the 100 deadliest days on Minnesota (Memorial Day – Labor Day), an average of 129 people will lose their lives on Minnesota roads.

Last year was the deadliest 100 day stretch in the last five years on Minnesota roads accounting for 137 of the 411 deaths.

Speak Up and Save Lives

  • If you are with a driver who is distracted, speak up, tell them to put the phone down.
  • Refuse to drive until every passenger is buckled up.
  • Slow down —trying to save a few minutes off your drive isn’t worth causing a crash.
  • Plan ahead before you go out by designating a sober driver, and if you see a person who has had too much to drink, speak up and offer them a safe ride home.

Together we can all make a difference and save lives on Minnesota roads.


2015 Crash Facts

​Traffic fatalities reached 411 last year in Minnesota, the highest mark since 2010.

Of those deaths, distracted driving was a contributing factor in 74 fatalities, a 21 percent increase from 2014.

Contributing factors include: 

  • Speed – 78 deaths, resulting in a 17 percent decrease.
  • Lack of seat belt – 91 deaths, resulting in a 14 percent decrease.
  • Distracted driving – 74 deaths, resulting in a 21 percent increase.
  • Drunk driving-related – 95 deaths, resulting an 8 percent increase.

The data is included in the new Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts 2015 report that is published DPS-OTS each year. “Crash Facts” is a summary of traffic crashes derived from law enforcement reports. It describes how, why and where crashes occurred and who was involved. The information guides future traffic safety initiatives that will lead to safer roads and changed driver behavior.

​Featured Video

Video Description: Kianna Stewart of Red Wing, who fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed her vehicle in August 2015, believes she would not be alive today had she decided not to buckle up.