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The Back Seat is the Safest Seat

Choose the right car seat, one size doesn't fit all graphic

Your child may think they’re a “big kid.” but don’t let them convince you that it’s appropriate for them to ride in the front seat.

Kids 12 and under need to sit in the back seat for their safety.

See what happens to a child in the front seat when an air bag deploys.

Child Passenger Safety Fact Sheet

Is your teen ready for the road?

​It takes a commitment by parents and many hours to prepare teen drivers to get behind the wheel. But that doesn’t end when a teen gets their license. Gordy Pehrson.jpg
A common mistake by parents is thinking their teen is ready for the road as soon as they pass the road test.

For example, teens shouldn't be driving alone the first time they hit the road when it snows. Parents should practice with their teens in different types of scenarios before their teen hits the road solo.

Gordy Pehrson walks parents and teens through some tips on how you can help your teen driver be better behind the wheel.

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Video Description: The parents of an 11-year-old girl who was almost hit by a vehicle after exiting her school bus joined officials to speak about the need for motorists to obey the stop arm law.