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Hello to all fellow Regional Trainers. I will, on occasion, be entering information on this new site to assist you in ways to update your PowerPoint Server Training Program.  Please bookmark this site to check on any new updates that may occur.  I am always available should you have comments or questions related to the training program.  All information or questions can be emailed to or call 218-232-7900. 
(August 2014) Please open the new category “Enhanced Licenses” to see written description and a copy of this new license. This has been distributed since February and is being carried by thousands of Minnesotans. Familiarize yourself with this license and enter the photos of the license into your Power Point Alcohol Awareness presentation. 
(August 2014) A new version of the updated trainer contact Excel spreadsheet is available. This can be accessed under Regional Trainer Contact Information. 
(Jan 2014) Class Attendance – As part of our grant program, I need to verify and track training attendance.  It is no longer necessary to mail, fax, or email in copies of attendance rosters.  Please, send me an email stating that training was done, the date class was held, the type of class held (regular server training or special event training), the number of servers who attended the training, and name(s) of trainers involved in presenting to the class.
(Jan 2014) If you are no longer going to continue as a Regional Trainer, please let me know as soon as possible and I update my email list and future communications.
(Jan 2014) If you are using the data I included in your PowerPoint presentation that contains crash facts (2011 statistics), please know that 2012 data is now available (these numbers are always from the prior calendar year).  As new information comes this June or July we will update to the latest information available.  Please access this information if it is of use to you in your training presentation.
(Jan 2014) In training, you have all heard me allude to a “new” Minnesota Driver’s License and Identification Card that was to be launched and distributed in early January 2014. After making contact with Driver and Vehicle Services, I was informed that this plan has changed and we will not see the new format of DL/ID cards for another 1.5 years (summer 2015).
(Jan 2014) The “It’s the Law” poster has been edited to reflect the new year that the poster is valid in (2014) as well as the year of birth a customer must achieve (1993) in order to be sold or served alcohol. The link to this new poster is on the main page.
(Jan 2014) I am introducing a new training program entitled R.A.V.E. (Retailer Alcohol Vendor Enforcement.  To learn more, details are available on the main page link.  If your local law enforcement agency is interested, please have them contact me to be offered the education. We are looking for a handful of pilot study agencies that are willing to utilize this program.
(Jan 2014) I have developed a Regional Trainer data base for all of you in order for you to see who has been trained in your community and neighboring cities and counties. Please feel free to contact each other with willingness to assist or contact if you need help on a training date.  If I get a direct request from a business for training. I will give the requesting individual the email contact information of trainers in their city/county.   I will be updating the on line list quarterly or more frequently as trainers are added.  If you require a change to your information please contact me.
(Jan 2014) I have developed a new Regional Trainer certificate to recognize your participation as a trainer for this program. This certificate is available on the main page link for you to print and fill in your name.
If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please feel free to contact me by email and I will do anything possible to assist you in answers or other assistance.