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Shipment Reporting

Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement (AGED) no longer accepts either paper or fax reporting for gambling device shipments to Minnesota. Paper reporting has been replaced with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which is submitted to AGED. Please email the report (s) to

If you do not have email, please submit the report using a standard compact disc (CD) using regular mail to our agency. Your cover letter or email should include the rest of the information require by rule. Because this spreadsheet is integrated into a larger system, AGED cannot accept modifications to the provided template.

Agency rule allows the report to be submitted at the time of shipment. Some licensees have been sending reports before the shipment is made, and then because of unforeseen circumstances have amended those shipping documents multiple times. This causes additional effort for all involved. In an effort to streamline the effort, AGED requests that shipping reports be submitted only at the time of shipment. This should help reduce the problems caused by amended reports.

A spreadsheet templatecan be obtained by following this link: Machine Shipping Report.