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Softball Beer Busts

Softball teams across the state are gearing up for that first pitch of the season and soon fundraising efforts will be underway. Oftentimes, teams will partner with a local bar to help raise money to offset costs accrued throughout the year. The Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (DPS/AGED) wants to educate the public on how to legally raise money for softball beer busts.

Fundraising Legally for your Team

  • The establishment must run the fundraiser and agree to donate the profits to the team.
    • Cover charges or charging for a cup at the door is allowed, but fees must be collected by the establishment, not the team.
  • The establishment can donate time, profits on liquor sales and personnel. 
  • The establishment can designate how much money they donate after recouping costs for donated alcohol.
  • The establishment can hold silent auctions, raise money through games of skill or take straight donations for the team.
    • Skill is defined as an activity or game where a player’s physical or mental ability will determine the outcome.
  • Common fundraising activities or games include: dunk tanks, billiards, golf putting, bocce, silent auctions. 
  • Team volunteers can collect money for the additional fundraising inside the bar such as games and silent auctions.

Red Flags your Fundraiser could be Illegal

  • Allowing games based on chance such as: raffles, drawings, specific card games based on chance, some amusement games such as plinko and paddle wheels.
  • Team officials collecting cover charges or fees for cups at the door.
  • Purchasing alcohol and selling it privately at an off-site location: home, park or another facility other than a licensed liquor establishment.

Establishments planning fundraisers can contact the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division for any questions.