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Public and Private Data

Data on criminal convictions is public for 15 years following the completion of the sentence. Public information includes: offense, date of the offense, court of conviction, date of the conviction, sentence, level of conviction and probation agency or place of confinement. The public information does not include an individual's arrest history. 
Private data includes all arrest information, all juvenile records*, all court information and convictions more than 15 years old.
* Juvenile criminal history information is considered private and can only be released as described in Minnesota State Statute 299C.095.
Any person may obtain public information on anyone. Records may be viewed at the BCA Office, using the public computer terminal in the lobby or through the internet application. 
Only in certain situations may a person access private data on another person. Private record information may only be accessed by:
·            The subject of the record
·            Criminal justice agencies for criminal justice purposes
·            Individuals and organizations mandated to conduct background checks
·            Any individual that has a notarized Informed Consent Form signed by the adult subject of the record
When accessing private records through informed consent, the BCA requires that its Informed Consent Form is used. Click here to obtain a sample Informed Consent Form or call the BCA at 651-793-2400 to request a copy be mailed or faxed to you.