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Legislative Report: 2021 Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

An unmanned aerial vehicle with a cameraLaw enforcement agencies use unmanned aerial vehicles (UA​V), or drones, for many purposes including searching for missing persons, assisting with crash reconstruction and more. Laws of Minnesota 2020, Chapter 82, section 5, subdivision 12a-b requires all law enforcement agencies that maintain or use UAVs to report the following data.

  • The number of times a UAV was deployed without a search warrant.

  • The date of each deployment​.

  • The authorized use for each deployment.

  • The total cost of the agency's UAV program.

The BCA is required to compile and publish the data by June 15 of each year. Read the 2021 annual report.​

More Information Added to Minnesota Crime Data Explorer

​The types of data available in Minnesota Crime Data Explorer continues to grow, as do the dynamic ways in which it can be viewed. Detailed information on the following types of incidents are now available.

  • Crimes against persons
  • Crimes against property
  • Crimes against society
  • Bias crimes
  • Pursuits
  • Law enforcement use of force
  • Firearms discharges
  • Agency reporting information

Check out the Minnesota Crime Data Explorer on the BCA's crime reporting page​.

The BCA continues to add crime reporting categories as well as more detailed information on crimes. Watch for additional information throughout 2022.

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