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SF2725 Workgroup

Final Report: Read the final report the Workgroup submitted to the Legislature.

Background: The 2010 Legislature directed that a Workgroup discuss issues and laws pertaining to criminal intelligence databases and make recommendations on proposed legislative changes.

Enabling legislation: Read section 6 of Chapter 383 of the 2010 Minnesota Session Laws in which the Legislature gave direction to the Workgroup.

Workgroup Membership: Read a list of the Workgroup members.

Questions about the Workgroup can be directed to Katie Engler at 651-793-2721 or to

Previous Meetings


​Date ​Agenda ​Meeting Materials ​Meeting Minutes
​August 25, 2010 Agenda

Meeting Topics for Approval

Rep. Holberg Article

​September 8, 2010 Agenda

Legal Framework

N-DEx Overview

SF 2725 Statutes


​September 23, 2010 Agenda


Criminal Gang Investigative Data System

Hennepin County Sheriff-Criminal Information Sharing and Analysis

Letter to Jim Franklin and Harlan Johnson Regarding Audit of MN Gang Pointer File

MGSF Gang Profile

MN Criminal Gang Pointer File

Pointer File Screen Print

Ramsey Co. Sheriff-Presentation on GangNet

BCA Data Request Form for Use by a Data Subject

Records Management Systems: A General Overview

St. Paul Police Special Investigations Unit - Information/Intelligence Gathering and Reporting Systems

Minnesota Joint Analysis Center

Minneapolis PD Suspect Tracking System

​October 13, 2010 Agenda

Proposed Changes Sykora

Constitutional Issues ACLU-MN 

Intelligence-Led Policing 0905 

Gang Database Case Study 12070

Best Practices

Assessing RNC Police Tactics 

Several Minnesota Groups Listed as Extremist

Ramsey Sheriff 13 Groups Researched

SF 2725 PowerPoint Presentation S Johnson

​October 27, 2010 Agenda

Prosecutor use of Gang Database Information 

Data Classification for LPR-gathered Data 

Trusted File Reviewer proposal 2 

State-by-state comparison of criminal intelligence data laws 

Existing law that allows police investigation of planned bad acts 

Recommendations for criminal data (2) ACLU MN 

SF 2725 Workgroup Proposal Travelling Data 10272010 

SF 2725 Workgroup Proposal D Johnson Criminal Intell Data

Law Enforcement Proposal 102710

​November 10, 2010 Agenda

Criminal Intelligence Laws

Recommendations on criminal investigative data

​December 2, 2010 Agenda

IPAD document 1 

IPAD document 2 



IPAD document 3 





Barrows Huff 12022010

SF2725 Surveillance by police and federal authorities

Barrows additional 12032010


​December 9, 2010 Agenda

Motions from Nov. 10, 2010 with updates 

Observations, conclusions and recommendations from a Citizen Perspective

HF 1449

​December 22, 2010 Agenda

Executive Summary Draft 

Motions That Were Not Successful for 12/22/10

Observations Conclusions


Reference Materials

Evaluation of Gang Databases in Minnesota & Recommendations for Change

Appendix A - GangNet Operational Standards

Audit Checklist for the Criminal Intelligence Function, September 2004 

Criminal Intelligence File Guidelines 



Privacy Impact Assessment 

MNJAC Data Practices Audit Report 

MNJAC Data Compliance Audit Report 

MNJAC Response to Recommendations


2301 Warrant 

Gangs and Public Policy: constructing and Deconstructing Gang Databases, by Julie Barrows and C. Ronald Huff

Exhibit 20 - Index of Documents Claimed by Defendants 

Intelligence Led Policing 

Iowa Code and Rule re Criminal Intelligence Data, October 2010 

Smith Warrant

Spying on First Amendment Activity - State by State

State Open Records Laws from IPAD