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Amber Plan Checklist

1. Is the abduction one in which the victim is 17 years of age or younger?

  • If yes, answer question 2.
  • If no, answer question 3.

2. Do you believe the child to be in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death?

  • If YES, ACTIVATE THE AMBER PLAN and the MN Crime Alert Network.
  • If NO, DO NOT ACTIVATE THE AMBER PLAN, go to questions 3.

Please provide the following information to the BCA:

    • When/where child was abducted
    • Description of child
    • Description of abductor
    • Description of vehicle, if involved
    • Last known direction of travel
    • Is there reason to believe the suspect has a relationship to the victim
    • Number to contact for general information/questions

Law enforcement should consider not activating the plan if there is no information to send out.

3. Could assistance from the public, including other law enforcement agencies, businesses and the media assist in locating the individual who does not qualify for the Amber Alert?

  • If NO, do not activate the Minnesota Crime Alert Network.

Any non-familial case in which an individual is abducted and the public can assist will trigger the activation of either the Amber Alert and/or the Minnesota Crime Alert Network to educate the public to assist in locating the individual.