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Controlled Substance Scheduling

Controlled substances are scheduled based on their potential for abuse and any approved medical usage


Schedule ​Potential for Abuse ​Medical Use ​Addiction Potential ​Controls on Prescriptions
​I Highest​ ​None Accepted ​Severe ​Used only for research, no prescriptions ​LSD, Heroin, Marijuana, MDMA
​II ​Some accepted usage with restrictions ​Severe ​Written prescription with no refills ​Morphine, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Oxycodone
​III ​Accepted uses ​Moderate to low ​Written or oral, limits on refills ​Ketamine, Steroids, some codeine preparations
​IV ​Accepted uses ​Limited ​Written or oral, limits on refills ​Valium
​V ​Lowest ​Accepted uses ​Limited ​Over the counter, written or oral, limits on refills