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Data Master DMT-G Features


Data Master DMT-G

• Dual technology allows for AC measurements using IR and fuel cell.  Also prevents interfering chemicals from adding to the alcohol result.
• Dry gas allows for tighter control test results
• Lightweight, portable unit capable of being used on AC power or 12VDC 
• Powerful embedded PC
• Real-time graphics display of breath profile and alcohol curve during a subject test
• Full color printouts of breath profile and alcohol curve on the test ticket
• Standard white paper (no more pink!)
• Touch screen graphics display
• Real-time critical instrument data such as internal voltages, temperatures etc. (locally or remotely)
• Local access to previous tests
• Breath test results are displayed in real time without any delay
• Operator comments included in downloaded record
• Breath test results are transferred in near real time for immediate use with eCharging