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FBI Regional Mitochondrial DNA Laboratory

Mitochondrial DNA Program

In September 2003, the FBI Laboratory entered into partnerships with 4 state crime laboratories to augment the nation’s capacity to perform no-cost mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis in forensic and missing person cases for state and local law enforcement agencies.  The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Laboratory was one of these laboratories.
After two years of training, equipment acquisition and upgrades, and space modification at the state laboratories, all four labs became operationally and began accepting casework.  Prior to forming this partnership, the FBI Laboratory was the only crime laboratory in the country that performed mtDNA examinations free of charge to state and local law enforcement agencies.  As a result of this partnership, the nation’s capacity to deliver mtDNA analysis to the criminal justice system has doubled.  This increased use of mtDNA analysis not only provides valuable information for solving violent crimes and cold cases, but also enhances the quantity of profiles in the National Missing Person DNA Database.  The program currently consists of the MN BCA and the Arizona Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory.
2010 mtDNA Section Statistics