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Order Collection Kit


The BCA Laboratory distributes the following collection kits to members of the law enforcement community and criminal justice system:Urine Kit


  • Convicted Offender DNA Database Sample Collection Kit.   This kit should not be used to collect known samples for DNA collection in open criminal cases.
  • Sexual Assault Collection Kits
  • Known DNA Sample Collection Kit.  This kit is used in collecting known samples for evidence in open criminal cases.  Convicted Offender samples collected using this kit will not be accepted and will be returned. 
  • Post Mortem Blood Collection Kits
  • Blood Collection Kits
  • Urine Collection Kits



Requests should be submitted to:  bca.lab.vault@state.mn.us 
Please leave your name, email, phone contact, mailing address and specify the kit type or types requested with the approximate number of each kit needed.   Urine Kit Contents