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Toxicology / Alcohol

​Forensic Toxicology is the branch of science which determines the absence or presence of drugs and their metabolites, chemicals such as ethanol and other volatile substances, and other drugs of abuse in human fluids and tissues.  The presence of these substances may also be evaluated to determine their role as a contributory factor in the cause and manner of death or their role in modifying human performance or behavior.

The BCA Toxicology section analyzes biological samples for the presence of volatiles and ethyl alcohol concentrations.  These biological samples can also be screened and confirmed for drugs of abuse and prescription medication.

We provide blood, urine and post mortem blood collection kits to all law enforcement. 

Order Evidence Collection Kits

Email bca.lab.vault@state.mn.us to order evidence kits

      Drugs of Abuse


Evidence Kits



Our scientists work primarily on 169A driving offense cases (alcohol and volatile substances) but also assist with criminal sexual conduct cases (drug facilitated) and death investigations (medical examiner and coroner cases). 
 Pursuant to MN Rule 7502.0700 we approve laboratories to perform forensic analysis of ethyl alcohol.

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