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Tape is commonly encountered in our environment. Often times we see tape as evidence in crimes committed against individuals such as kidnappings and homicides.  The analysis of tape includes a physical match examination; determining if torn or cut pieces of tape could be directly associated back to a known roll of tape and then possibly followed by an examination of the physical and chemical characteristics of the tapes if a physical match examine is not possible.  Duct tape, medical tape, electrical tape, filament tape, scotch tape, and masking tape could all be submitted to the laboratory for a tape examination.


Comparison of Tapes:

When comparing two tapes we look at the various components that make up the tape including the adhesive and backing film.  If the tape is a cloth reinforced tape, like duct tape, then a fiber examination would also be part of the tape examination.


Components of Tape:

Diagram of the Components of Tape






FTIR InstrumentFTIR Spectra
The FTIR instrument compares inorganic and organic                                     Spectra generated by FTIR analysis compositions