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Textile Damage

Textiles (such as clothing, bedding, etc.) are submitted to the trace section for examination to determine if the textile has been damaged. Textiles, for examination for damage, are most commonly seen in homicide and assault cases.

Textile damage examinations consist of macroscopically (with the naked eye) and microscopically examining the area of possible damage and assessing the characteristics of the area to determine if the textile has been cut, torn, punctured, etc. If a possible known source (such as a knife or scissors) is submitted along with the questioned textile, tests can be done to determine if the source could have created the damage to the questioned textile.

Questioned Damage in a Knit Shirt




                                                                                                                       Questioned damage in a knit shirt   








A knife – simulations can be performed in order to determine if the knife could have caused the damage in the questioned textile