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CHRMS Training and Certification

Accessing the Criminal History Record Maintenance System (CHRMS)

Ask your agency’s Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) or CHRMS Agency Administrator to initiate the access process. If a TAC or CHRMS Agency Administrator is not available, contact the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) Service Desk at 651-793-2500 or 1-888-234-1119 to request training, certification and access. You will need to take the steps outlined below for final certification and the appropriate access level.

CHRMS Access Requirements

Designees from criminal justice agencies must complete certification training and pass a certification test before being authorized by the BCA to maintain criminal history record data for their agency. The training is self-paced and can be accessed at any time from the CJIS Launch Pad. For instructions on how to access the online training and certification, contact your agency’s TAC or CHRMS System Administrator or call the BCA Service Desk.

To access CHRMS, an agency must complete the following:

  • Complete a Joint Powers Agreement with the BCA and have access to the Criminal Justice Data Communications Network (CJDN).
  • Ensure terminals accessing CHRMS are in a secure location.
  • CHRMS users must undergo fingerprinting and a federal criminal justice background check. If a user has not previously been fingerprinted, their fingerprint card must be submitted to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) within 30 days of being granted access.
  • Complete a Criminal History Record Maintenance User Registration form for each user.
  • Provide the BCA with a copy of the agency administrator’s Criminal History Record Maintenance User Registration Form.
  • Complete a Criminal History Record Maintenance System Access Consent Form if your agency is allowing outside agencies to add, modify or request that the BCA delete criminal history record data.
  • Each user must complete the online training and certification process.