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New State Criminal History System Status


Contact CHS Product Manager Carla Duellman, or 651-793-2424

The BCA is building a new Criminal History System to replace the legacy Computerized Criminal History. Our goal is to provide criminal history records that are easier to read and use, housed in a system that is easy to maintain and built on a solid foundation that will meet your needs for years to come. On this page, you can learn about upcoming presentations about the new Criminal History System and get the latest project updates.

Upcoming Presentations

BCA product managers will provide information about the new CHS and provide demos at several upcoming liaison conferences. If you attend one of these conferences, be sure to stop by and see the new system.
  • Minnesota Corrections Association Conference - October 25-27, 2017
  • Minnesota Professional Law Enforcement Assistants Association - November 8-9, 2017
  • Minnesota Sheriff's Association Winter Conference - December 12-13, 2017
  • Minnesota South Central Investigators Coalition Annual Conference - January 2018
  • Correctional Officers Conference - February 14 & March 7, 2018

Project Updates

October 16, 2017

As part of our ongoing effort to build a new Criminal History System that meets the needs of all of its users, the BCA met this month with representatives from the Minnesota Judicial Branch, health licensing boards and the state departments of Corrections, Health, Human Services, Natural Resources and DPS' Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement division.

CHS is a robust system that will serve many disparate needs and so the BCA is engaged with stakeholders from across the criminal justice spectrum and beyond to gather information on how to best deploy the new system statewide.

June 1, 2017

You'll be using the new Criminal History System (CHS) in less than a year. With the date fast approaching, we want you to see what the new CHS will look like. So we are urging you to come see us at one of the conferences many of you will attend over the next few months. You will find us either presenting a session on the new criminal history system or providing information at a booth at each of the conferences listed above.

In addition to the conferences, the BCA will host more CHS demos at the BCA, on WebEx and regionally throughout the year. With enough attendees, the BCA could come to a region/county/agency upon request.

December 1, 2016

We’re a little more than a year away from launching the state’s new Criminal History System. As our work on the system continues we continue to look to our criminal justice partners for feedback on how we can best meet your needs.

Hundreds of you attended presentations, took part in discussions and visited our Criminal History System Topic Table during the BCA Criminal Justice Information Users Conference this past September.  We received a lot of positive feedback and some good suggestions for future development that the product team will work to incorporate into the new system. 

We’re planning additional user feedback sessions including hands-on sessions for direct feedback on how the system works.
The BCA plans to deploy the new CHS in early 2018.  We’ll start with new processes for handling Suspense, a new MN Rap Sheet format, and a new CHRMS system. As the year progresses, we’ll add photos to the MN Rap Sheet, and the ability to query the Interstate Identification Index (III).

September 1, 2016

The BCA has been working on the new Criminal History System for just about two years. We’ve collected stakeholder input all along, and have already completed a lot of the big pieces:
  • Collect and display booking, court, custody and suspense data
  • Suspense notification and resolution work queues
  • Query criminal history information
  • Maintain criminal history information

A quick reminder -- there will be two Criminal History System breakout sessions at the BCA Criminal Justice Information Users Conference later this month. You’ll also have the chance to get some hands-on experience with the new system at the Criminal History/Suspense Topic Table.

June 1, 2016

The BCA continues to gather input from law enforcement agency personnel as we design the new Criminal History System (CHS). CHS will provide improved readability with better report formats and data organization, system improvements that will result in fewer suspense records, and improved tools to help your agency resolve suspense.

Gathering input on reducing suspense

The BCA recently visited several law enforcement agencies to learn about how those agencies work through suspense records. We used that information to come up with ideas on suspense work queues in CHS that we showed to a suspense user group this spring. The user group provided positive feedback and will continue to provide input throughout the development process.
More demos and user feedback sessions will take place in the next several months. The BCA’s partnership with the criminal justice agencies during the process has proven invaluable.

CHS at the BCA Criminal Justice Information Users Conference

Be sure to attend one of the Criminal History System breakout sessions at the BCA Criminal Justice Information Users Conference this September. You’ll also have the chance to get some hands-on experience with the new system at Criminal History/Suspense Topic Table.

March 1, 2016

Later this spring, the BCA team working on the new Criminal History System (CHS) will hold a second round of feedback sessions with our focus groups (with representation from prosecution, probation, law enforcement investigators, records, courts). More sessions will be held as the project progresses.
In addition, the team is working on
  • Planning for the move of data from the current CCH to the new system (CHS)
  • Building the foundation to create, store and maintain criminal history data
  • Functionality to accept criminal booking and court data into CHS
  • Query, sort and filter functionality
The BCA’s Criminal Justice Information User Conference this September will include sessions on the new CHS where attendees will be able to see a demonstration of how it will work.
The CHS project does not include replacing PSPortals. The new criminal history system will provide an improved way of accessing, maintaining and viewing criminal history data.