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Fingerprint Request Forms

Fingerprint Request Forms provide a method for law enforcement agencies to request assistance from probation offices or Minnesota correctional facilities to obtain fingerprints from subjects as required under Minnesota Statutes 299C.09, 299C.10, Subd. 1a and 299C.11.

A subject’s criminal history record remains incomplete until a fingerprint card with the arrest record information is received by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The subject must be either on probation or incarcerated for the offense(s) listed except when a court order compels the taking of fingerprints for a court disposition record in suspense. Separate forms are used to request assistance from probation and from Minnesota correctional facilities (state prisons). Detailed instructions are provided with each form.

The following paragraphs from MS 299C.10 apply to obtaining fingerprints from subjects on probation or incarcerated for the offenses in suspense:

Subdivision 1. Required fingerprinting

(a) Sheriffs, peace officers, and community corrections agencies operating secure juvenile detention facilities shall take or cause to be taken immediately finger and thumb prints, photographs, distinctive physical mark identification data, information on any known aliases or street names, and other identification data requested or required by the superintendent of the bureau, of the following.

(7) persons currently involved in the criminal justice process, on probation, on parole, or in custody for any offense whom the superintendent of the bureau identifies as being the subject of a court disposition record which cannot be linked to an arrest record, and whose fingerprints are necessary to reduce the number of suspense files, or to comply with the mandates of section 299C.111 relating to the reduction of the number of suspense files. This duty to obtain fingerprints for the offenses in suspense at the request of the bureau shall include the requirement that fingerprints be taken in post-arrest interviews, while making court appearances, while in custody, or while on any form of probation, diversion, or supervised release.


Fingerprint Request Form - Probation Officer 

Fingerprint Request Form - Corrections Facility