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FAQs Regarding DVS Access via MyBCA

Will I still be able to access DVS data using my mobile technology?
FBI and BCA security policies require that the CJDN environment only be accessed via a secure system. That means Wi-Fi connections to DVS data typically made with smartphones, iPads, laptops or other devices used from remote locations are not allowed. For example, investigators who use wireless devices or small agency chiefs who use their own mobile devices to access DVS data are no longer be able to do so.

Users at my agency have not been validated. Can they still get access via MyBCA?
Some agencies did not provide the BCA with the validated user information as required. Others have added new users after submitting their validated list. In these cases, MyBCA accounts for these users have not yet been created. Agency TACs or CLEOs wishing to submit a validated list should start the process by contacting the BCA Service Desk.

How do new users at my agency get set up for DVS Access via MyBCA?
Agency TACs and/or Agency Heads can complete a New User Request Form and submit it to the BCA Service Desk for processing. The form is available from the BCA Service Desk.

What if I work for multiple law enforcement agencies?
If you work at multiple law enforcement agencies, you will receive a separate MyBCA and nexTEST user name and password for each agency. This allows us to recognize you as being authorized to work with applications and their data for the agency linked to each account. Certification exams, such as the one for DVS Access, must be taken for each account. We apologize for any inconvenience in repeating these exams. This is the most efficient way we can ensure you have access to our tools at all of your agencies.

How is accessing the data through MyBCA different from accessing it through LE Support?
Using MyBCA, you’ll find all of the same functionality as when you accessed the data directly through LE Support, plus a few new features including response filters and night mode (low-light screens for squad-friendly viewing). We’ve been telling you about the new partial plate search function that will allow users to search plates using as few as two characters. Work on this function is already underway. Watch for it in the coming months.

Where will the DVS searches live on the  on the MyBCA site once they move over in February? 
There will be a link on the MyBCA Landing Page in the same location those with access currently see links to ISS, MROD and Supplemental Reporting (SRS).

I've heard that a "pass-through to crash records" will be provided through MyBCA. Is this where we need to go to initiate/generate new accident reports, or will this used only for looking up existing reports?
There will be a link on the MyBCA landing page that, once logged in, will redirect you to the Accident Records application at DVS.  You would not need to log into that application separately. Accident Records is where users would access the application for creating new accident reports or look up existing reports. As is the practice today, agencies will only be able to look at the reports associated with their agency. Providing this link keeps all your DVS access through one access point – the BCA’s MyBCA Landing Page.