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Integration Projects / Standards

Integration Projects

Integration projects are governed by Policy Group and are implemented as a joint effort by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, the Minnesota Department of Corrections and the Minnesota Judicial Branch, and local level criminal justice agencies statewide.

Current Projects - Many integration projects are currently in development.

Completed Projects - Many integration systems and applications are already in place. Qualified criminal justice agencies begin using them by signing up through the BCA's Catalog of Services.

Integration Standards

CriMNet integration standards fall into three primary categories:

Recommended Business Practices - MNJIS business analysts assess business processes in Minnesota criminal justice agencies to determine best practices and recommend changes to current processes or systems. In many cases, recommendations document processes as they currently exist, identify the ideal situation to support the business, and detail gaps between the two.

Technical Standards - The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) has adopted a Service-Oriented Architecture standard for all integration efforts.

Data Practices Standards - The BCA has adopted a standard Privacy Impact Assessment template for all new information sharing projects at the state level. It recommends that all agencies use a similar assessment when building a new information management application or service.

Support for Local Agencies

Integration Cookbook - A how-to guide to assist agencies with their integration activities.

Catalog of Services - Minnesota Justice Information Services (MNJIS) tools and services available primarily to Minnesota criminal justice agencies. Most have eligibility requirements set by law or BCA policy. As a result, the BCA must approve all requests for services.

Grants & RFPs - CriMNet advocates for state appropriations for local agencies to integrate criminal justice information systems and ready their existing systems for integration. Questions regarding RFPs should be directed to Maureen Janke, MNJIS grants/contracts administrator, 651-793-2720.