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Information for Agencies Involved in an Officer Use-of-Deadly-Force Incident

Pre-Incident Considerations

  • Does your agency have clear and concise policies and procedures in place to address officer-involved shootings?
  • Are all agency staff trained?
  • Does your agency have mental health and wellness resources in place to support officers involved in a shooting?

Training and Consultation

  • Learn what your agency and officers should expect from a BCA investigation, including crime scene, interviews, agency-involved weapons, media and medical considerations.
  • For officer-involved shooting consultation and training presentations at your agency, please call (651)793-7000 .

What Officers Must Know Before an Incident Occurs

Understanding the officer involved shooting (OIS) investigation process will help your personnel feel confident that an objective and unbiased investigation will occur, taking into account both the officers perception before and during the incident as well as the tangible evidence associated with the incident.
  • What investigative steps will be taken and in what order?
  • What are the officers’ rights?
  • What legal resources are available to officers?
  • What are the differences between administrative and criminal investigations?
  • What resources are available to preserve officer mental health and wellness following an OIS?

What Agencies Should Prepare for Before an Incident Occurs

  • Does your agency have a policy identifying the primary investigative agency investigating the OIS?
  • Does your agency have a weapons replacement policy or process?
  • Have you spoken with your county attorney regarding conflict of interest?
  • How and when will your agency notify an officer’s family when death or serious injury occurs?
  • Does your agency have an administrative leave policy?

Incident Check List

  • Remove involved officers from the scene.
  • Secure the scene and protect evidence from inclement weather.
  • If possible, identify and secure all witnesses.
  • Ensure all clothing and evidence at the hospital is preserved. Request that hospital personnel draw a blood sample prior to transfusions or medications.
  • Preserve officers’ clothing and equipment.
  • Do not manipulate or clear weapons.
  • Begin preparation of a search warrant as necessary
  • Refrain from issuing a news release or making statements to the media until it can be determined what information should be made public.
  • Notify officer’s family.


BCA 24 Hour Phone Line


BCA Agent Presentation on BCA OIS Protocols/Resources. Ask for district homicide agent.

Mental Health Services

CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management)

Statewide Services call 651-793-7000 for regional contact information.