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Dangerous Dogs Registration

What We Do

Minnesota citizens who own a dog that is deemed “dangerous” as defined in Minnesota Statute Dangerous Dog Logo347.50, Subd. 2, must register the dog in accordance with Minnesota Statute 347.51. The Department of Public Safety (DPS), in coordination with the Minnesota Animal Control Association, has developed a dog tag and property sign displaying a “Dangerous Dog Warning Symbol” for use by Minnesota animal control authorities.  


These tags and signs are available through the DPS Warehouse. Complete the warning sign and warning symbol tag order forms and return the forms with payment to the DPS Office of Fiscal and Administrative Services


Related Minnesota Statutes

Minnesota Statute 347.51



  • For general questions or statute information, call DPS Fiscal and Administrative Services at (651) 201-7020.

  • For payment questions, call DPS Fiscal and Administrative Services (651) 201-7020.

  • For shipping questions, call the DPS Warehouse at (651) 296-6275.