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If you are currently not in Minnesota and need to renew or replace your Minnesota Identification Card (ID), you are able to submit an Out-Of-State ID Card application packet.

DVS will use the photo and signature already on record for your new card. However, if you are renewing your identification card, you must visit a driver’s license office within 30 days of your return to Minnesota to have a new photo taken.

A person of any age may apply for a Minnesota Identification card. The applicant must apply for the card, pay the required fee and present proof of identity, see Policies and Procedures for the application process.

If the applicant is under 21 the card is marked “Under -21” and is valid until their 21st birthday. A parent or legal guardian must sign the application for anyone younger than 18 years of age. For all other applicants under the age of 65, the expiration date of the ID card will be the birthday of the applicant in the fourth year following the date of issuance of the card. ID cards issued to applicants age 65 or over shall be valid for the lifetime of the applicant.

Policies and Procedures
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