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Fast Track Driver's License, ID and Title

titles-web.jpgThe Fast Track program guarantees production of a driver's license, identification card or title within three business days for a $20 fee (cash or personal check only at a deputy registrar office; check only – no cash – at the DVS Central Office).

DISCLAIMER: DVS reserves the right, based on review of the documents and a DVS Supervisor’s decision, to deny the processing of any title transfer, driver's license or ID card as an expedited application. If you need assistance, please contact Driver and Vehicle Services or your local driver’s license agent or deputy registrar office.


What types of transactions are available?

  • Standard titles

  • Duplicate titles needing special handling

  • Applications for vehicle titles submitted through a Minnesota dealership

  • Transfer of ownership

  • Driver's licenses and ID cards 


Which documents are required?

To find out what paperwork is required for a specific transaction, call  (651) 297-2005 or search the DVS site.  


When will I receive the expedited documents?

The transaction will be processed within three business days. Once the title, DL or ID application is processed, you will receive it in the mail, usually within 10 business days.


Where do I apply?

At Participating Offices

Call (651) 297-2005 for participating locations.


By Mail or Drop Box (Check only -- do not submit cash.)

DVS Central Office - Town Square
445 Minnesota Street, Suite 189
Saint Paul, MN 55101

By Phone

Call (651) 297-2126 to reach DVS staff, who will assist you and -- if approved for Fast Track -- provide you with a preauthorization number.