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Renewal Updates

Minnesota Motor Vehicle Registration


How to Renew

All registration for gross vehicle weight (GVW) trucks, including Farm class, MUST be renewed in person at a Deputy Registrar Office.
Find office locations here or click “Locations” in the orange navigation bar near the top of this page. You may also call (651) 297-2005.
For questions about determining registration tax or other matters related to registration renewal, please contact a local Deputy Registrar Office for assistance or Driver and Vehicle Services at (651) 297-2126 or e-mail dvs.motor.vehicles@state.mn.us.

Insurance Information Required to Register Motor Vehicles

Minnesotans who are registering, renewing license tabs or transferring ownership of motor vehicles and motorcycles will need to provide insurance information under a law change that took effect on Jan. 1, 2016.
Every owner will need to provide the following information:
  • Name of insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Expiration date of the policy



Wheelage Tax Changes


If you have any questions related to the Wheelage tax, they can be directed to the participating counties listed on the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) website: https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/Pages/Wheelage-Tax.aspx.

Cab Card

Vehicle registration is based on the gross vehicle weight (GVW). Please verify that all gross weight information is correct.
Keep the upper portion of the renewal notice in the vehicle at all times, as this is the Minnesota Cab Card.

Farm Registration

If a truck or trailer is registered in the farm class, the renewal notice does not include the amount of registration tax due.
Farm class renewals cannot be sent by mail; the GVW must be declared and registration calculated at a Deputy Registrar Office.
Vehicles registered in the farm class have the option of quarterly registration for an additional $5 fee.
  • Quarter 1 – March through May
  • Quarter 2 – June through August
  • Quarter 3 – September through November
  • Quarter 4 – December through February

Oversize/Overweight Permits

Options for registering vehicles over 80,000 pounds:
  1. Permanently register the vehicle at the higher weight for the full registration period.
  2. Permanently register the vehicle at 80,000 lbs. for the whole registration period and obtain a temporary weight increase when the higher weight is necessary. Temporary weight increases can be issued in 30, 60 or 90 day increments.
Both options require an additional overweight permit not provided by Driver and Vehicle Services.
  • Vehicle may need an overweight permit from the Minnesota DOT office if traveling on Interstate highways or state trunk highways.
  • Vehicle may need an overweight permit from the county if traveling on city, township or county roads.
  • Verify with MNDOT that a permit is required if you are not sure.
An overweight permit does not increase the vehicles registered gross weight. The vehicle must be registered for the operational gross vehicle weight.

USDOT Number

Vehicles registered in the commercial class are required to provide a valid USDOT number at the time of registration if the vehicle has a gross weight or combined gross weight over 10,000 pounds.
Vehicles registered in the farm class with a gross weight or registered gross weight over 10,000 lbs. are exempt from USDOT number reporting unless the vehicle crosses state lines or delivers product to a sea or river port. If a farm class registered vehicle is not exempt from USDOT number reporting, a valid INTERSTATE USDOT number must be provided at time of registration.
Verify your USDOT number at www.safersys.org.
If classified as a registrant, the class must be updated to Intrastate or Interstate status.

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

Proof of payment of heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT) is required to renew the registration of any truck with a registered gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. The HVUT taxable year is July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. HVUT must list the VIN for the vehicle.
Please bring one of the following with you at time of renewal (valid payments with received dates are after July 1, 2015):
  • A copy of IRS Form 2290 stamped “Received” by the IRS, or
  • A copy of IRS Form 2290 with a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check, or
  • A copy of the PDF file received when filing HVUT online, indicating IRS E-file received date.
For more information, visit the IRS Website at www.irs.gov/trucker.

Registration Display

Trucks registered at 27,000 pounds gross weight or less may begin to display 2017 registration stickers on January 1, 2016.
Trucks registered at a gross weight greater than 27,000 pounds may begin to display 2017 registration stickers on February 15, 2016.

CDL Self-Certification and Medical Examiner Certificates

New Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations went into effect on January 30, 2012, that require commercial driver’s license holders to complete a self-certification form (PS33203), attesting to the type of commerce they are engaged in and whether or not they are subject to federal or state medical requirements. Commercial driver’s license holders who are required to possess a medical examiner’s certificate (DOT physical) must present the certificate to Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) with the completed self-certification form.
As of December 22, 2015, a newly revised version of the MEC (Form MCSA-5876) should be used by medical examiner's. Both versions of the MEC will be accepted until April 20, 2016, after which only the new version will be accepted.
Documents can be submitted:
  • By mail to Driver and Vehicle Services Division, 445 Minnesota Street, Suite 175, St. Paul, MN 55101-5175
  • By fax to (651) 297-4447; or
  • In person at any driver exam station or driver license office that accepts applications. Refer to https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/locations for a list of locations.
Failure to submit the required documents by January 30, 2014 will result in the downgrade of the commercial driver’s license to a regular driver’s license.

Certified Medical Examiners

Effective May 21, 2014, only certified medical examiners will be authorized to perform DOT physicals. Certified medical examiners across the country can be located on the national registry website at nationalregistry.fmcsa.dot.gov.


Contact Information

Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS)

Motor Vehicle Information: (651) 297-2126
Driver’s License Information: (651) 297-3298
Customer Assistance for deaf or hard of hearing callers: (TTY/TDD) (651) 282-6555

Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT)

Commercial Vehicle Operations (operating authority, oversize/overweight permits, road restrictions, etc.):
Phone: (651) 215-6330
Road Restrictions:
HVUT / Internal Revenue:
Online: www.irs.gov
Phone: (866) 699-4096
USDOT / Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Administration: (651) 291-6150