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Motor Vehicle Dealers Forms

PS2123 Dealer Close out Form
​PS2401 Dealer License Application
PS2404 Dealer Franchise Agreement
​PS2405 Dealer Demonstration/In-transit Plate Application
​PS2406 Used Parts and Scrap metal Dealer License Application
​PS2407 Dealer Property Lease Verification Form
​PS2408 Drive Away/In-transit Dealer License Application
​PS2410 Dealer Commercial Checklist
PS2412 Dealer License Location/Address Change & Additional Location/Display Lot
​PS2414 Dealer License Type Change & Dealer Change of Name/DBA Form
PS2415 Dealer Temporary Additional Sales Location Form
​PS2416 Dealer License Ownership Change Form
​PS2420 Dealer Certificate of Compliance with Worker’s Compensation Law
PS2421 Dealer Zoning Verification Form
​PS2441 Dealer 31 Day Temporary Permit Request Form
​PS2446 Dealer Surety Bond
Customer Service Incident Report
Scrapped, Dismantled, or Destroyed Vehicle Statement


Motor Vehicle Dealers Documents

Dealer Guide
Dealer Inquiry/Basic Requirements
Dealer Items Required
Dealer License Activity Comparison and License Types
Those Required to have Dealer License
Dealer Transfer Guide
E-Licensing Initiative
Leased Vehicles
Minnesota Dealer Plate Usage - Just the Facts
Dealership Web Access Instructions
Dealership Web Application Agreement
Dealership Individual Web Application Agreement
Dealership Individual Access Form
​​Customer Service Incident Report

Complete Motor Vehicle Registration Tax Manual 2014 and 2015


Dealer License Renewal Information

Dealer Renewal Reminder - August 2014
Dealer Renewal Reminder - July 2014